How To Find The Cheapest Flights To Australia

How to Find the Cheapest Flights to and Within Australia Using Skyscanner

For many people, the major downside of making the trip over here is that it’s so far away, and as such, flights to Australia can cost quite a bit. Thankfully, there are a lot of great flight search engines out there that we can use to our advantage to ensure we get the best price for flights. For this post, I’m going to use Skyscanner to demonstrate how, and for simplicity, I’m going to use $USD. [ultimate_popup id=”311″]

The first thing you should do, and while this isn’t possible for everyone visiting Australia based on why they’re coming here, is to be a little bit flexible with dates.

To emphasize why, let’s say that I want to leave London in the middle of May (About 6 weeks from the time of writing this), so I select flights from London to anywhere in Australia on the 15th of May, like so:

Skyscanner flight search engine

The cheapest flight available to Melbourne on that day is $589 USD.

Skyscanner search engine example

The following 2 days (May 16th and 17th) have $592 USD listed as the cheapest, and so does the a week later, the 22nd.

Skyscanner search engine example

Instead, though, if we’re flexible, Skyscanner will allow you to select the entire month of May, or any month, to find the cheapest flights for everyday that month instead of a specific date.

Skyscanner search engine calendar.

As you can see from the results below, doing that shows 6 different days during the month of May where we can fly London -> Melbourne for cheaper than we can on the 15th, saving anywhere from $33 USD to $74 USD in the process.

Skyscanner search engine calendar

Now, that might not seem like a huge amount in isolation, but that’s for a 1 way flight. You can find a similar amount of savings for your flight home, too. In addition, what if you want to fly domestically around Australia?

Let’s assume that we decided to book that London -> Melbourne flight on the 15th of May, and because Australia is a huge country, and because we wanted to see all of it, we decided to fly to our destinations of Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

The logical decision would to be take the route of either Melbourne -> Brisbane -> Perth -> Adelaide, or the opposite way, starting with Adelaide. If we took the former, and we used the “whole month” option I showed you above, we could do the following:

Melbourne to Brisbane on the 22nd of May for $56 -> Brisbane to Perth for $134 on the 29th of May -> Perth to Adelaide for $98 on the 9th of June, for a total of $288.00 USD.

What if instead of that, we didn’t have a specific route chosen, just the destinations?

Enter Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” option.

Skyscanner "everywhere" feature

What this does is it allows you to search for the cheapest flights to literally everywhere from the location you’re leaving from.

From doing that, the cheapest flight out of Melbourne to one of our destinations during May is to Adelaide on several dates at the same price, but let’s say we choose to take the flight on the 27th of May for $37 USD.

Another Skyscanner calendar image

From there, the cheapest of our next destinations is Brisbane, for $39 USD on the 5th of June.

Skyscanner calendar

Now to our last destination, Perth, which has many days in June for $134.

Skyscanner calendar example

This brings our total to $210.00 for the 3 flights, a saving of $78.00 simply by being flexible in terms of both dates and order of destinations.

When you add in the initial saving of getting to Melbourne in the first place, that’s a total saving of $284.00 just from getting to Melbourne and visiting 3 extra cities, not even taking into account the money you will save by using the same techniques for your flight home.

Further, obviously all of these examples are about Australia given the topic of this blog, but can you imagine how powerful these techniques become when you’re in say, Europe, and your flexible with the order of destinations you want to visit and the dates? If you’re planning a trip anywhere soon, even if it’s not Australia, you should definitely check out Skyscanner when you’re sorting out your flights.

Do you have tips and tricks for finding the best flights? Post them in the comments.

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